Las Canteras

The beach of Las Canteras is, with its 3,100 meters of sand, one of the most important urban beaches in Spain. Is the winner of several national and international quality awards such as the Quality Tourism Q or the Blue Flag that is waving since 1989 almost without interruption on the beach which confirm its excellence, in addition to the Certificado de Accesibilidad Universal, UNE 17001 and the norm ISO 14001 that endorse the Sistema de Gestión Ambiental.


The police and lifeguard services 365 days per year guarantee the safety of the beach. In addition, Las Canteras has three spas and a service for approach a disabled into the water, all of this realize for any need of bathers.


Las Canteras beach extends from the Bay of La Puntilla to the steps of the Hall Alfredo Kraus, a distance of three kilometers from where several distinct areas, each one has its peculiarity. The Cícer (the surfer paradise), Peña La Vieja (with an area of rocks and full of life), Playa Chica and Muro Marrero (the most family), Playa Grande (tourist par excellence) and La Puntilla (last redoubt of fishermen). La Barra, a reef that runs parallel to more than half of the beach, constitutes an authentic natural breakwaters and provides greater security for the bathroom. In fact, at low tide, the swimming area between the sand and the great rock resembles a swimming pool for its stillness.


The offer of leisure of Las Canteras complete on the promenade that runs along its entire length. Cafes, restaurants with cuisines of all the world and bars to have drinks while you are listening to live music. All of this join the thirty hotels and apartment buildings there are on front line in the beach.


Walking on the fine golden sand of Las Canteras, especially when the low tide leaves sight all types of rock formations, it is an experience hard to surmount.