Ciudad de Mar retira unos 8 mil kilos de cañas y restos vegetales de la playa de El Confital arrastrados por el mar tras las intensas lluvias

Ciudad de Mar removes about 8 thousand kilos of cane and vegetable remains from the beach of El Confital washed by the sea after the heavy rains

  • 11/27/18 1:34 PM
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The City of Mar Department of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has intensified these days the collection of organic waste, mainly reeds and plant debris such as trunks and tuneras, which arrived at the beach of El Confital dragged by the sea after heavy rains and the strong tides of the last days.


Cleaning service Ciudad de Mar has so far removed some 8,000 kilos of remains, after a few days of intense work in the area. The organic remains have reached the coast of the Bay of El Confital dragged by waves and tides from the municipalities of the north coast of Gran Canaria, and from the Tenoya ravine, on the border between the capital and Arucas.


This is organic waste that began to accumulate since the weekend on the beach and the coastal environment of El Confital and have not stopped arriving. "All the cleaning staff of Ciudad de Mar are working hard without mechanical help since it is a particularly sensitive area. We have also detected the arrival of these plant remains at the beach of Las Canteras, although in a much smaller amount, "said the City Councilman of Sea, José Eduardo Ramírez.


The mayor thanked the cooperation of the Sports Club Confite that has organized for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 28, a beach shake of El Confital with volunteers from 10.30 am, coordinated by technicians and responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the coast from City of Mar.


Ramírez recalled that the City Council through the services of Cleaning and City of Sea made last September a preventive shock cleaning in the channel of the ravine of La Ballena, which flows into the area of La Cícer, before the first rains of autumn. "In this way we have guaranteed that the spectacular advance of rainwater to the sea that occurred last week was made without problems of arrival of non organic waste in the sand and the beach," said Ramírez.