Ciudad de Mar monta un campamento castellano del S.XVI en la Plaza de Canarias para explicar la historia marítima de la ciudad

Ciudad de Mar set up a Castilian camp of the XVI century in the Plaza de Canarias to explain the maritime history of the city

  • 11/28/18 8:52 AM
  • aortega
Ciudad de Mar City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria shows until next Friday, November 30, in the Plaza de Canarias, next to the replica of Carabela La Niña, a Castilian explorer camp of the XV and XVI centuries to explain some aspects historical that link the first decades after the foundation of the Gran Canaria capital with the great Atlantic trips of the time and the exploration of America.

School children are invited in the morning by the characters who keep the camp. There they know historical aspects of the foundation of the city, as they coined coins with the image of the Catholic Monarchs and participate in games and workshops that teach them the daily life of those explorers, in addition to techniques related to the navigation on the high seas or the origin of the shield of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The activity is carried out next to the replica of the Caravel the Nina, a ship that participated in the three trips of Columbus to America, and in the expedition of 1501 to the coast of The Pearls, and that stood out for its maneuverability and lightness.

This is one of the activities programmed by Ciudad de Mar under the brand 'Autumn Litoral', which will continue to develop until next December.

Some 300 school children will go through this unique camp throughout the week, while in the afternoon the activity is open to the general public.

Girls and boys become explorers and scribes of the time for a few hours with the aim of awakening curiosity about history, travel and science.

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