Ciudad de Mar agradece la colaboración ciudadana en la retirada de los restos vegetales arrastrados hasta la Playa de El Confital

Ciudad de Mar thanks the citizen collaboration in the removal of the traces of plant dragged to the beach of El Confital

  • 11/28/18 2:43 PM
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The Ciudad de Mar Council of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has thanked the citizen for their collaboration in the removal and cleaning of the plant remains, reeds, trunks and tuneras, dragged by the sea to the beach of El Confital. So far more than 10,000 kilos of organic material have been collected from ravines in the north of Gran Canaria after the heavy rains of last week and the conditions of strong tide and waves.

The councilman of Ciudad de Mar, José Eduardo Ramírez, has verified this morning the enormous work that is being done by the service operators and the people who throughout the morning have been removing branches and logs stacked on the shore of the beach. The citizen convocation has started from the Confite sports club.

"We will continue working the next few days without neglecting the rest of the city's beaches," said Ramírez, who also called on users of El Confital beach to avoid walking in the sand barefoot, as a precautionary measure, until the area is completely clean of remains of branches and tunnels "


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