Tartaletas de sancocho, ceviche, erizo y cupcakes de algas, un menú con Sabor a Mar en San Cristóbal

Tartlets of 'sancocho', 'ceviche', sea urchin and seaweed cupcakes, a menu with Sabor a Mar in San Cristóbal

  • 8/3/18 12:39 PM
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The City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, through the council of Ciudad de Mar, proposes a healthy cooking workshop for the whole family in August in the San Cristóbal fishing district within the Sabor a Mar program. The initiative in which participates Trib-Arte Cultural and Social Association will serve to prepare tarts of sancocho and ceviche and to taste flavors of seaweed and sea urchins.

It is one of the actions of dynamisation that Ciudad de Mar develops throughout the year in the seaside neighborhood. Among them, last June the historic walk through the neighborhood to detail the importance of fishing and the origin of the Vela Latina, which welcomed almost a hundred people or the Crossing to Nado in July.

Workshops on culinary education, nutrition, dissemination of local fishing products; a thematic yincana and an artistic workshop and oral narration for minors, will be the activities that will continue until October. The programming has a playful educational nature, all supported by scientific dissemination, the encounter with culture and history, innovation and gastronomy.

The cook and professor of the IES Faro de Maspalomas, Paco Romero, will be responsible for the next activity that will take place on Saturday, August 11th. The proposed activity will consist of a workshop on culinary education, nutrition, and dissemination of local fishing products. The scheduled time is from 11.30 am to 2 pm prior registration and with limited capacity of 20 people at the headquarters of the Popular University located in the neighborhood.

The limited capacity is intended to make the activity more effective, so you have to register by sending an email to the address sancristobal.saboramar@gmail.com where the selection will be made.

The people will be divided into five groups and each one will be responsible for making the starters, first and second course and dessert respectively. As pointed out by the professor and cook, "we will adapt to the tide and what we can use that day, since everything will be products derived from the sea. However, I think it will be a very complete menu and those who dare to participate can taste and check the things that can be made such as ceviche, raw fish, or creamy rice, for example. " All products will be natural and with local and seasonal fish.

Romero insists that it will also be very curious the use of seaweed or sea urchins, less common things that can surprise both taste and when cooking. Algae are used throughout the world particularly in the diets of coastal areas. However, with globalization we have become accustomed to the food that comes to us from China, Japan and Korea mainly, without taking into account that in the Canarian Archipelago there is a great variety of edible seaweed. Explain that the workshop will be very dynamic and participatory. Participants must bring a hat, apron and knife from home. The rest of the material both to work and taste later will be provided by the organization.

The planned menus are two appetizer dishes that will be brick with smoked cheese with tuna and peach coulis, and sancocho tartlets "the taste of a whole dish in a single bite," says Romero. As a first course two different menus, one cold with ceviche, sea urchins and limpets and another hot with creamy rice fish, seaweed and mushrooms. As a second course, cod fish loin or amberjack with sweet potato and pumpkin puree "we'll have to see what type of fish, maybe we'll use old ones or bream, depending on what we find," he says. And for dessert, spirulina cupcakes, aguadulce microalgae, "considered a superfood and that I will try to get natural, fresh algae instead of dehydrated so that they can see it and we can close a playful and fun day" ends the teacher.

I Graphic Design Contest

In addition, the Delegate Council of Ciudad de Mar of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has called the 1st Graphic Design Contest in order to develop the new graphic representation of the activities that take place in the maritime neighborhood. The character can be historical or fiction, person, animal or object. The image must be accompanied by a brief description and justification of the link between the created character, the San Cristóbal mariner neighborhood and their identity. The works of the contest, which will be open until next September, may be sent by email to sancristobal.saboramar@gmail.com. Indicating in the subject of the mail Graphic design competition City of Mar. The bases can be consulted in the page of the City council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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