La Bandera Azul ondea en Las Canteras y avala la excelencia de la playa capitalina por vigésimo octavo año

The Blue Flag flies in Las Canteras and endorses the excellence of the capital's beach for twenty-eighth year

  • 6/29/18 9:55 AM
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Las Canteras Beach has renewed its Blue Flag this morning. The councilman of Ciudad de Mar, José Eduardo Ramírez, accompanied by personnel from the Cleaning, Rescue and Lifeguard Services, Tourist Police and members of the Las Canteras Ecotourism Micro-Area Forum, has raised this distinction that the main capital area has received in 28 occasions since 1989.

Ramírez recalled that this award, which endorses the excellence of the beach during the twelve months of the year, "is a recognition of the joint work of public services and shows the commitment of citizens to respect and preserve their natural, social and cultural values "

The beaches that are recognized with the Blue Flag, including Las Canteras, have been subjected to strict audits that ensure that the provision of all services are carried out with all the guarantees of quality, safety and professionalism.

The councilman encouraged the citizens to continue working so that Las Canteras continues to be one of the best valued Canarian beaches. "Las Canteras is our great urban park, tourist reference and also a real natural aquarium full of life that we must preserve a unique space that we should all feel responsible for," he said.

In this sense, Ramírez pointed out that "the city council makes a remarkable effort to maintain the beaches of the city in perfect conditions every day of the year". In fact, the budget for cleaning and maintenance of the coast is around 2.3 million euros per year and the rescue and first aid service is an expense of 360,000 euros per year.

On the other hand, Ramírez explained that on Sunday, July 1, the reinforcement of the rescue and first aid operation will begin on the occasion of the summer season on the beaches of the city. The Red Cross will provide the service during the summer from 10.00 to 20.00 hours in Las Canteras and from 11.00 to 18.00 hours in La Laja. Ciudad de Mar will maintain the rescue and lifesaving service in El Confital, with three lifeguards, from 11.30 am to 6.30 pm as a preventive and dissuasive measure.

Las Canteras will have 11 lifeguards who will assist the bathers distributed in two central posts, in Tomás Miller and La Cícer, in addition to the 4 watchtowers; The Laja at the height of the Torre del Viento will have a surveillance and attention with 4 lifeguards.
A boat and two rescue watercraft plus an ambulance will complete the logistics prepared for the summer season by the Red Cross, the current concessionaire of the service. The Salvage and Lifeguard service in Las Alcaravaneras will be covered by Civil Protection as usual.

Ramírez announced that the City Council will start, as of the second half of July, the process of citizen participation on the new Municipal Regulation of Coasts and Beaches. "We want to have citizens and collect their contributions to enrich a document that will involve the updating of regulations to new uses, demands and needs of the population, the tourism sector and pos of the own sustainability of the coast as natural resources and of life that we must preserve. "

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